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Rare buttercups

Ranunculus is a collective name for a variety of different types of flowers. The ones we see in flower shops are actually bouquet ranunculus or possibly hybrid ranunculus. They belong to the same family as, for example, buttercup and buttercup, i.e. the ranunculus family, Ranunculaceae.




Yellow buttercup, pink buttercup and light apricot buttercup

Take care of your Ranunculus

If you want to enjoy buttercups for a long time, take care of them properly. When you buy them, choose specimens that are in bud, but where the flower color is starting to show. When you get home, cut the stems and put them in warm water, around 20 degrees. Also remove leaves that end up below the water surface, to prevent bacterial growth.

a bouquet of pink ranunculus and pink gerbera

Protect your Ranunculus

Protect the flowers from drafts and high humidity, which reduce shelf life. If you place the flowers in a cool place, you also extend their life. Also keep in mind that the buttercup is slightly toxic, which means that the plant sap of the flower can be irritating to the skin.