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Become part of Europe's largest flower distribution network!

One of our goals at Euroflorist is to have Sweden's best florist network. With quality and craftsmanship as watchwords, it is crucial for us to give our customers the best experience.

Dark pink chrysanthemums and light pink chrysanthemums and yellow chrysanthemums

About Euroflorist

Euroflorist started as Swedish flower delivery in 1982. Today we are Europe's largest flower distribution network with our own florist networks in 11 countries and with a strong international cooperation that enables us to deliver practically all over the world.

We put a lot of resources into knowing both our customers and the trends in the market. This allows us to deliver a product that is incredibly popular and where we get new customers every day.

A florist working for Euroflorist puts together a bouquet of flowers

We take care of our florists!

It is important to us that you, as a florist in our network, also have a good experience, and therefore we carry out an ongoing thorough evaluation of our stores where we look at service level, customer feedback and order statistics.

At the same time, we carefully evaluate all applications we receive for the network, to ensure that we do not have more stores in an area than we need.

In this way, we ensure that everyone gets as much as possible out of the collaboration.

a bouquet is delivered by Euroflorist. A bouquet of orange gerberas, red carnations and apricot roses

Your feedback counts!

It is also very relevant for us to get feedback from our florists. That's why we regularly collect opinions from the entire network, and of course also listen to the individual requests and comments we receive on a daily basis.

At Euroflorist, we believe that your shop is your own and that you are the best at running it. That's why we don't get involved in the interior design of the store. For us, it goes without saying that the store is representative and that our customers are treated in a friendly and professional manner when they visit your store.

The most important thing for us is that our services are delivered with high quality and good service.

Apply to join the Euroflorist florist network

Apply to join the Euroflorist florist network

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What can Euroflorist do for you?


  • Greater turnover of flowers, which provides a better flow of goods through the store

  • A strong network of other florists where you can share tips and tricks

  • You become part of a worldwide florist network

  • A strong organization behind it

  • A simple webshop with a payment solution where orders go directly into the system