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Euroflorist Sweden AB

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S-217 72 Malmö

Organization number: 556200-4431
VAT registration number: SE556200443101

Our flowers

We supply hand-tied bouquets, arrangements and plants from professional local florists and wholesalers. Our selection varies by season and if the flowers you have chosen are not available, the florist will replace them. You will therefore receive an equivalent bouquet in the same color and shape as you ordered.

The product images you see on our website are taken of unopened flowers, but our flowers are usually delivered in bud. This is so that they stay nice and fresh for longer. We do not guarantee a specific number of flowers in our bouquets. This is because each florist follows local prices and supply of the flowers.

Delivery within Sweden

Our delivery times vary depending on which delivery company the florist uses. Therefore, we cannot accept timed orders (this does not apply to funeral flowers). Usually our deliveries take place between 08.00 - 22.00 on weekdays and weekends. For each order, a shipping fee of SEK 119 is added for bouquets delivered by a florist and SEK 99 (SEK 109 on weekends) for our flower boxes delivered by Early Bird, Gordon or Best Transport. There is also the possibility of same-day delivery on certain orders with a shipping cost of SEK 129.

Same day delivery

We can deliver the same day if your order reaches us before 17:00 on weekdays and 12:00 on holidays. This applies when you order to cities and the mainland.

Delivery information - Best

Some of our bouquets are delivered by Best. The bouquets in question are written on the product page at Best delivers the flowers to the recipient's door sometime between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The recipient is contacted by Best via SMS to ensure that the gate code and other important information is correct. Via the text message, it is possible to supplement the information, such as e.g. a port code as well as track the package. When the package is delivered to the recipient's door, an SMS is sent to the recipient, it is therefore important that the customer leaves the correct mobile number to the recipient so that Best can get in touch with the recipient.

Best will make two delivery attempts, if delivery cannot be completed after two attempts, the flowers will be classified as spent. With the first delivery on Fridays, only one delivery attempt will be made, also during holidays a delivery attempt will be made. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel or change orders sent with Best.

Best does not deliver to business addresses, nursing homes, service homes or churches/funeral ceremony locations.

Delivery Information - Early Bird

Some of our bouquets are delivered by Early Bird, who deliver the flowers to the recipient's mailbox during the night. The package is delivered no later than 07.00 in the morning.

The recipient is contacted by Early Bird via SMS to ensure that the gate code and other important information is correct. Via the text message, it is possible to supplement the information, such as e.g. a port code as well as track the package. The recipient receives another text message when the package is delivered.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel or change orders sent with Early Bird. 

Early Bird does not deliver to business addresses, retirement homes, service homes or churches/funeral ceremony locations.

Delivery Information - Gordon

Gordon delivers some of the bouquets that have a delivery time during the weekend, delivery will take place on the selected day during the following times. Saturday at 09.00-18.00, Sunday at 10.00-17.00 or Monday at 16.00-22.00. Delivery will take place to the recipient's door, if the recipient is not at home it will be placed outside the door if possible. In case of failed delivery due to door code/door phone etc., Gordon will make a new delivery attempt on the next possible delivery day. If delivery fails even after the second attempt, the order will be lost.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel or change orders sent with Gordon.

Gordon does not deliver to business addresses, nursing homes, serviced homes or churches/funerals.

Delivery holidays

Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day

During holidays, the flower selection may vary at the florists. Supply and prices are affected by market demand and availability at wholesalers and suppliers. We always strive to have a wide range of flowers and bouquets in different price ranges.

During certain holidays, the florists have an extra heavy workload and it can be a challenge to manage the order volumes. The florist may therefore contact the recipient one or a couple of days before delivery to agree on a new delivery date. The florist can also call ahead to ensure that the flowers can be delivered to the specified address.

During major holidays, the florists can deliver your flowers between specific dates, i.e. a different date than the one you have chosen. In these specific cases, we clearly inform on the website which dates apply. This does not apply to birthday greetings, funeral or condolences.

We aim to deliver as early in the day as possible. On holidays and holidays when there are a lot of orders, it is not always possible. We always deliver between 08.00 – 22.00, also during public holidays.

Sundays, holidays and evenings


We are able to accept orders for same-day delivery until 12:00 on Sundays. 

Holidays and evenings

Delivery options on holidays and evenings may vary, but if we have the opportunity, we are open for delivery even then, see the calendar on the product page to see which days we are able to deliver to.

contact Customer service 

You contact our customer service via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. During major holidays, the response time via chat and email may be longer, but we do everything we can to ensure that you get answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

More information about specific opening hours and contact options can be found here .

Gift cards

You can buy our gift cards in all our affiliated florist shops and can be redeemed both at and in store. You can also choose to redeem your gift card at and

Gift cards can be purchased with a value of SEK 50, SEK 100, SEK 200 or SEK 300. When you redeem your gift card, the entire amount is counted as used. That is, no value is saved on the gift card. The validity period is shown on the back of the gift card.

Find a florist near you

Discount codes

If you have received a discount code from Euroflorist Sweden, you can choose to redeem it when you buy flowers in our webshop. The discount code is not valid in our member stores, but only on You can use your discount code by entering it at checkout when paying. Click on: I have a discount code and then activate.

Period of validity

The validity period of our discount codes varies depending on the context in which you received it. If you have received a discount code via one of our newsletters, it is always limited in time. Our discount codes can also be personal and in some cases it only applies to one purchase. If you have a personal discount code, it is therefore important that you do not share it with anyone else. Should your discount code not work or if you are unsure of the validity period, you can contact our customer service.

Accessories and the gift set

When you order flowers at, you can choose to add a gift to your chosen bouquet. In the range you will find chocolate, teddy bears and vases, among other things. You can also choose to send some of our ready-made gift sets.

The range of accessories may vary depending on the availability of the florist in the relevant location. The florist may therefore replace it with an equivalent product. This means that it may differ slightly from the product image on the website.

Funeral orders

Funeral decorations and wreaths are large products that require preparatory work for the florist. In order for us to be able to guarantee that the flowers will arrive on time, we therefore need to have your order three working days before the delivery date. If you wish to add bands with text, the order may need to be placed even earlier. The flowers are delivered at least one hour before the start of the ceremony.

The flowers are created by local florists and deviations may therefore occur depending on the season and local supply.

Condolence flowers

When ordering condolence flowers, we can deliver the same day if your order reaches us before 2pm on weekdays and 10am on Saturdays. This applies when you order to cities and the mainland.

Send abroad

At, you can send flowers to large parts of the world in a simple and flexible way. Your bouquet is tied and delivered by a local florist in the country you have chosen to send to. In order to be able to deliver the same day to countries within Europe, we need to have your order before 11.00 a.m. on weekdays. In some cases, we need your order the day before the delivery date as there may be time differences between the countries which may affect the delivery. We also need orders to countries located outside Europe the day before the delivery date. We cannot guarantee same-day delivery for orders received on weekends and public holidays. A delivery fee is added to each order, which varies depending on local courier prices.

Mode of delivery

All our flowers are delivered directly to the recipient's door. Exceptions are the towns or areas that are located in the countryside, islands or other hard-to-reach places that the florists' couriers do not have the opportunity to drive to. Therefore, deliveries to certain locations can be made by bus, ferry or post car without you as a customer being informed. This means that the recipient can pick up the flowers at the nearest delivery point. For some locations, it is also required that the recipient pick up the flowers at the nearest affiliated Euroflorist store. In these cases, the florist will add the entire bid fee to the value of the flowers.

Before delivery, the recipient is always contacted by phone or SMS by the florist or courier (unless we have received other information when ordering). This is to ensure that the recipient is at home and can receive the flowers. In some cases, the florist can also call a day or two before.

In extreme weather conditions, large events or other circumstances, we cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered on time. If we have not succeeded in delivering your order, we will contact the recipient and agree on a new date.

Delivery security

As the customer, you are responsible for ensuring that both your and the recipient's details are filled in correctly so that we can deliver your bouquet as smoothly as possible. If we are missing information from you or there is an error in your order, our customer service will try to contact you. If there is a possible wrong delivery due to incorrect information, it will not be replaced by Euroflorist Sweden. The delivery fee only covers one delivery, and should the florist not be able to deliver the flowers, the recipient must collect the flowers from the store.

At checkout

• Do you want the bouquet to be hung on the door? Then please write if it is an apartment or a house and enter any gate code. Should the bouquet be stolen, it will not be replaced by Euroflorist Sweden.

• Always enter the recipient's phone number so that we can get in touch with him/her upon delivery.

• Also enter your contact details so that we can contact you with questions about delivery.

• It is important that you choose a delivery option. The options: Call before, leave at the door or leave with a neighbor. The florist always calls before delivery unless otherwise stated when ordering.

• Don't forget to write the sender in the card text so that the recipient knows who he/she should thank.

Depending on special weather conditions, availability, area and other circumstances, the florist assesses whether it is possible to hang the flowers on the door if this is pre-selected.

Orders for companies

Flower deliveries to business addresses are only delivered during office hours and must be ordered no later than 10 a.m. on weekdays to be delivered the same day. On Saturdays and Sundays, we cannot deliver to business addresses.

When delivering to schools, hotels, hospitals or other businesses, the flowers are usually left at the building's reception. If the recipient is not there or if the company has closed for the day, the flowers and delivery will not be replaced or refunded. Euroflorist Sweden is only responsible for the delivery.

Delivery to companies during holidays

During holidays when we have more orders than usual, we need to have your order by 14:00 the day before the delivery date in order for the bouquet to be delivered on the desired date.


Change or cancel an order

You can easily change or cancel an order by sending us a message. Contact customer service here .


You can cancel your order as long as the florist has not created your bouquet or arrangement.


If you want to change your order, we have a processing time of 24 hours for the florist to have time to implement your change. If you contact us on the same day as delivery, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to change your order.

During holidays when we have more orders than usual, the processing time is extended to 72 hours so that the florist has time to change your order. This is because the florists often prepare the flower delivery the day before delivery when such large volumes are ordered.

Large orders

For larger orders such as funeral flowers, the cancellation/change must take place at least 72 hours before delivery as the florist needs to make special orders in some cases.


If the flowers delivered are damaged or dead on delivery or wilt within seven days of the recipient receiving their bouquet, despite being handled properly, you should contact us. Feel free to send a message to our customer service and choose complaint as the subject and we will help you. In order for us to be able to handle your complaint as quickly as possible, we need a digital photo that is sent to us via email. If you want to complain about a delivery, according to the Consumer Purchase Act, you must do this within a reasonable time from the time you noticed the error so that we can replace the flowers.

If the flowers have not been delivered according to the agreement, you have the right to cancel your purchase, provided that correct contact details have been provided when ordering and that the recipient was at home to be able to receive the flowers. Exceptions may occur during certain holidays when the bouquets can be delivered on a different date than the one you have chosen.

If you regret your purchase

According to the Act on Distance Contracts and Contracts Off Business Premises, you cannot undo a purchase of flowers, chocolate or other delicacies as they are goods that can quickly deteriorate.


At, you can choose to pay with the payment option that suits you best. Choose between Swish, Klarna, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Apple Pay and American Express.

All credit card payments are handled by an accredited and secure e-commerce company. If you choose to pay with a credit card, the card must be valid and approved for internet purchases via your bank.


When you as a customer pay with a Klarna bank account or invoice, you simultaneously accept Klarna's terms of purchase. Click on the link to read more - Klarna's terms and conditions . In case of delayed payment, a reminder fee is sent with the amount that is allowed by law, fn SEK 50, and late payment interest at 8% plus the applicable reference rate. If you have chosen to pay with Klarna as a payment option, your refund will also be made via Klarna. If you have questions about your refund, please contact Klarna's customer service.

Service charge

The product value includes a small card and a service fee.

Order confirmation

When you have completed an order at, you will receive a confirmation on the screen that your order has gone through. An order confirmation will then be sent to your email. The order confirmation serves as a receipt for what you have purchased. If you do not receive a confirmation email or there is something wrong with your order, please contact our customer service.

Processing of personal data

The personal data that you provide to Euroflorist in connection with an order via our website is processed by us so that we can carry out your order as well as for our invoicing and accounting. When you place an order, we process the information you provide yourself, but we also register the IP number from which the order is placed. We will then share the recipient's contact details (name, phone number and postal address) with one of our affiliated florists who deliver your order. The florist will also receive your name and phone number, so that the florist can contact you regarding the delivery if necessary. We also use your personal data for our own marketing, but we never sell your or the recipient's data to third parties.

The person in charge of personal data is [email protected] . For more information on how we handle personal data, see our  Privacy Policy.

VAT and tax rules

Euroflorist Sverige AB is part of Euroflorist Holding AB, based in Stockholm. Statutory VAT is applied to orders made by Euroflorist Sverige AB and delivered within Sweden. Orders with delivery outside Sweden are VAT exempt.


The purchase terms were last updated on 2023-07-05