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Care advice for houseplants

Flowers and green plants bring life to the home and help us feel good. Here you get care advice and tips on how to take care of your flowers and plants so that they stay nice and fresh for a long time.

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houseplants such as blue hyacinths and pink hyacinths ​

Look at the leaves

The leaves can tell a lot about how a plant is doing. Are the leaves turning yellow? It is often a sign of overwatering or too little light. Many plants become a bit gloomy during the dark winter months but recover when the light returns and the days get longer. If the plant has dense leaves, the lower ones may get too little light and wither. Then it's just a matter of pinching them off.

monstera plant standing in a pot

Plant out

Is there anything more amazing than the first warming rays of spring and the spring flowers starting to appear? Then we want to surround ourselves with pearl hyacinths, crocuses and pansies in all wonderful colours. Tip! Do you have spring bulbs in a pot that have wilted down? Don't throw them away. Instead, plant them out in the garden and they will come back next year and you can enjoy them again!

spray your plants with water

Plants need light

A good rule of thumb is that flowering plants need more light than non-flowering plants. Green plants should not be placed in direct sunlight, unlike flowering plants which should preferably be in a window so they can get proper light throughout the day.

water your plants

How should I water?

A flowering plant standing in a window needs to be watered often. It should not be overwatered, but the soil should preferably be kept moist. The water flows through the inner pot, pours it out so that it does not remain in the outer pot. But there are exceptions. An example is an orchid that should be watered very sparingly. Plants that do not flower do not need to be watered every day. Let it dry out a bit before watering it again.

beautiful large monstrea in a window

Feed the plants

During the summer months, it is good to give flowering plants some nutrients with each watering. During the remaining months, nutrition once a week is sufficient. When it comes to green plants, feeding once a week during the summer months and once a month during the rest of the year is sufficient.

various potted plants

Replant your flowers

As the plant absorbs the soil's nutrients, it feels good to be replanted. Remove all old soil, clean the pot and add new, nutrient-rich soil and maybe also a slightly larger pot.