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This is how you succeed with your spring planting

When winter melts away and spring's first rays of sunshine warm the ground, it is finally time to plant the spring flowers. This is how you succeed with your spring planting.

During the days, nature prepares to become green and flowery while the nights are still chilly. Then you can advantageously plant crocuses, pansies and daffodils. Namely, they are spring flowers that cope well with the cold when spring hesitates. Here you will get tips and inspiration to succeed with your spring planting.

lila penseer i gråa lerkrukor

5 tips - how to succeed with your spring planting in a pot

  1. Fill your pot with about half a deciliter of play balls.
  2. Then pour soil into the pot
  3. Plant your spring flowers, and fill in with soil between the plants
  4. Water abundantly and set aside
  5. Pick off wilted flowers continuously and give a splash of water every now and then to prolong the flowering.
yellow daffodils and other spring flowers that a person plants

Create a beautiful spring planting

What do you want your spring planting to look like? Create a rich spring planting with flowers in the same color scale or choose contrasting colors that lift each other.

The material of your planter is also an important part of your planting. A classic terracotta pot gives a feeling, while a zinc tub gives a different effect. Check the storage and see what pots and vessels you have at home.

Decorate your planting with twigs that you find in the garden. You can advantageously use both stones and bark to fill in between the flowers. And maybe you want to decorate with eggs for Easter?

Clay pots with purple pansies and pink santini and other spring flowers

Spring flowers and care advice

There are lots of lovely spring flowers that you can fill your spring planting with. Below we list our seasonal favourites.

A beautiful yellow daffodil


The spring flower has become one of our clearest signs of spring and with its yellow color it is very nice for Easter. Daffodils are very durable and can withstand both freezing temperatures and snowfall.

Care advice : Place the pot in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Water gently around the onion and be careful not to overwater.

blue pearl hyacinth growing freely

Pearl hyacinth

When it smells like pearl hyacinth, you can be absolutely sure that spring is here. With its beautiful blue flowers, it has an obvious place in your spring planting.

Care advice : Place it in a sunny place and water regularly

orange crocus growing freely


Crocus is one of those flowers that blooms first every year and likes to look out when there is still snow outside.

Care advice: Water the crocus moderately and place it in a cool place.

red and pink and yellow primroses


 The primula comes in several color combinations and becomes a real pop of color in your spring planting.

Care advice : Place the flower in a sunny place and water every other day, so the soil stays moist.

Pink daisies with yellow buds


The daisy is a wonderful little flower that comes in the colors white and various shades of red and pink. The small center button in yellow shines in competition with the sun on beautiful spring days.

Care advice : The daisy thrives best in well-drained soil and you should give it a weak nutrient solution when watering. Divide the plant if necessary.

light purple pansies


 It looks fragile, but just like daffodils, pansies can handle a frosty night outside. It is one of our most popular spring flowers and is available in several different colors and shapes.

Care advice: It is important that your pansies do not dry out. They are therefore advantageously planted in a larger container where the soil does not dry out so easily. Pick off wilted flowers continuously and you will prolong the flowering.