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Choose the right vase for the right type of flowers

Do you have difficulty choosing the right type of vase for your cut flowers or do you feel that it will not look good when you put your bouquet in a vase? - No danger, we list the best tips on what you should consider to choose the right vase for the right type of flower. 

Two small vases with beautiful autumn flowers in orange together with the green of the season

Small vases

When you want to decorate your home or perhaps the set table with small vases, you should think about not stuffing them with too much. In small vases, green twigs and leaves look nice. It is also nice to put a few cut flowers for a little color.  

a flower fakir standing in a small glass vase. Orange gerbera and beautiful hypericum stand in the flower vase

Flower fakir

If you are feeling creative, the fakir is a perfect tool for creating unique flower arrangements. You can place it on a plate, the bottom of a vase or directly on the table. If you are working with dried flowers, it is fine to place the fakir without access to water, but if it is flowers that require water, the fakir should be placed in water. Here we have put it in a smaller glass vase.

white lilies in a tall glass vase

Tall vase

In tall vases, it is best to put cut flowers with long stems such as lilies, sunflowers, pampas grass and amaryllis for Christmas. In the tall vases, it can also be beautiful to add green leaves and such as eucalyptus and fountain grass together with the cut flowers.

a beautiful autumn bouquet of orange gerbera santini and roses in a round glass vase

Round vase

Most cut flowers fit in classic globe vases. If you have received a bouquet of flowers or if you have tied it yourself, the ball vase is usually the best option for a hand-tied bouquet. If the vase has a small neck, it usually gives better stability to the bouquet.