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Flowering decorations for baby showers

Are you planning a baby shower and need inspiration? Here we give you our tips for throwing a flourishing party for the new mother.

Gifts, nice decorations, cupcakes and the obligatory diaper cake are important components for a successful baby shower. Get inspired by our best tips.

Decorations and gifts for baby showers:

a colorful bouquet of pink roses, orange roses and burgundy carnations along with baby shower gifts.

Blooming gifts

The gifts are a big part of your baby shower. Here, you friends are supposed to buy clothes, swaddle blankets and other things that the baby will need. An easy way to pimp your presents is to wrap them in fine paper and tie a pretty flower. Beauty resides in the simple.

a bouquet of apricot roses and yellow chrysanthemums for a baby shower. Diaper cake and gifts for baby showers

Decorations for your baby shower

Decorations are important to create a whole for the party. Choose a color theme and two or three plants that you can use. Keep in mind that the color theme doesn't necessarily have to be pink or blue. It's fun to experiment with slightly different colors. Or only work with natural materials and colors as in our example.

cupcakes for a babyshower

Matching cupcakes

An easy way to tie together the theme of your baby shower is to decorate with the same type of flowers. We have chosen to use a bridal veil and ivy. Make simple cupcakes that you top with icing. Then place some flowers and leaves on each cupcake. These simple pastries are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Diaper cake decorated with flowers

Diaper cake decorated with flowers

The obligatory diaper cake is a big part of your baby shower. Therefore, make sure to make a big impression. To make the cake, you need at least two packages of diapers. Roll the diapers and fasten with rubber bands. Tie the diapers together with a beautiful silk ribbon in the right color theme. Stick nice gifts such as pacifiers and swaddle blankets into your cake. Then finish by decorating the cake with flowers.

Inspiration for your baby shower

Inspiration for your baby shower

A successful baby shower starts with a wow effect. Let the expectant mother step into the room and see all the beautiful decorations. Then it's just a matter of getting started with fun quizzes and games. For example, ask everyone to bring a card of themselves as a child and let her guess what the group of friends looked like as a child. Good luck!