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Stylish calla

Kalla comes from a large bulbous plant family with 107 genera and there are more than 3700 species. It is found on all continents of the world, but the greatest species richness is found in America, but the calla originates from the country of South Africa. The flower consists of a long pistil, whitish-yellow in color, which is surrounded by heart-shaped leaves and each stem bears an elegant flower. Depending on the variety, it can be white, cream, yellow, apricot, pink, red or purple. There has been a new exciting variety called "hot chocolate" which is in the color dark purple almost completely black, which is a rare flower color.

In Sweden, the species Zantedeschia aethiopica is most common and it has white flowers. It is available as a cut flower, on the windowsill and in gardens and it is mainly sold during the period March-October. The cut flower should be stored with lukewarm water, preferably together with nutrition, because their stems are medium hard. The water should be changed every other day for longer durability. During Christmas, there is a calla that sells a lot that is a perfect hostess gift and that is the rose calla. It is a houseplant and comes in different colors, but what sells best during the Christmas season is in the colors white and red.

Take good care of your calla

The flower cannot survive the Swedish winter, which means that winter storage indoors is necessary. It can be 35.90 cm high and blooms elegantly during the summer months. It can withstand temperatures down to +5 degrees and can be left outdoors during the period May-September. The pot should be in a bright place, preferably in indirect sunlight. It cannot tolerate too much water and the potting soil should dry out easily between waterings. In late summer it withers as it is a tuberous plant and needs a rest period during the winter months. It does not need water during those months, but they should be kept cool and dry.

The peace calla is valuable

It is a common houseplant but has an unusual ability as it absorbs and reduces harmful substances in the indoor air. Substances such as benzene, trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, car exhaust and cigarette smoke are absorbed by the peace skull without harming itself, which makes it valuable. Their white soft leaves release large amounts of water vapor into the dry indoor air and make it pleasant to live in. It improves the atmosphere both in the home and in the workplace. The peace skull also has another name, white sails, as their leaves are white and look like sails. It was discovered in northern South America at the end of the 19th century. The peace skull was named after the German botanist Gustav Wallis who collected plants in the 19th century.

Frequently asked questions

How to take care of a cold?

Calla thrives in moist but not wet soil. Feed it sparingly. In late summer, you reduce watering. Keep the cold marked, dry and cool during the winter.

Can you overwinter cold?

It is fine to overwinter your calla. Store it dry and cool in the pot. You can also pick up the tubers and put them in peat moss. You can also bury the pot in the flower bed.