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Cut flowers that last a long time

Enjoy a long-lasting bouquet! Choose cut flowers that last a long time - it benefits both the wallet and the environment.

Tulips, peonies, dahlias and amaryllis are examples of long-lasting cut flowers. What you choose for flower varieties is important for how long-lived your bouquet will be. Some flowers have a longer life in the vase than others.

Let yourself be inspired by our list of long-lived cut flowers according to the season.

red os pink tulips in a glass vase

Spring flowers that last a long time

Tulips, buttercups and sweet anemones show the way for spring. You can also use beautiful twigs and enjoy the wonderful scent and yellow color of the mimosa.

If you collect twigs from nature, it is important that you make a long oblique cut. Fill a vase with cold water almost all the way up. Change the water often. Make sure that no leaves are in the water.

Choose from; tulips, ranunculus, anemones, mimosa and daffodils.

a large bouquet of pink peonies in a hug

Summer flowers that last a long time

For summer, we want romantic peonies, alliums, zinnias and fragile sweet peas. You can grow all these wonderful summer flowers in your own garden.

If you don't have a garden, you can go out and pick your arms full of fantastic meadow flowers. Remember that they also feel good from getting a cut surface before they are placed in water.

Choose from ; peony , sweet pea, daisy, snapdragon, allium, poppy and zinnia.

a large bouquet of purple blue hydrangea in a hug

Autumn flowers that last a long time

Autumn is the time of the hydrangea – the cut flower that is as beautiful fresh as it is dried. When it has finished blooming, pour off the water and let it dry in the vase. You can do the same with protea and blood top.

Arrange dried protea with a few sprigs of dried blood tops and heart paws. A beautiful autumn bouquet in muted colors that lasts all autumn. And much longer than that if you want.

Choose from; dahlia, sunflower, gladiolus, hydrangea, protea and blood top.

a large bouquet of white pink amaryllis in a woman's arms

Winter flowers that last a long time

Autumn turns to winter and the graceful amaryllis makes its entrance. And did you know that the poinsettia can be transformed into a beautiful cut flower?

When your poinsettia starts to look sad in its pot, you can cut it off. Then let it stand in water for a while so that the milk juice flows out. Place the flower in a beautiful vase and enjoy it for a few more weeks.

Choose from ; amaryllis, Christmas rose, hyacinth, poinsettia, ilex, skimmia.

a pink bouquet of pink roses, pink santini, pink alstromeria

Year-round flowers that last a long time

There are also sustainable cut flowers that are not dependent on the season. Fill your bouquet with classic roses, carnations, bridal veil, alstroemeria and lovely green eucalyptus all year round.

a glass vase that is clean fill with new water

5 care tips - how to make your cut flowers last a long time

1. Make sure the vase is clean.
2. Cut the flowers with a sharp knife.
3. Clear away leaves that have ended up in the water.
4. Change the water every day.
5. Place the flowers in a bright place.

Here you will find care advice for our most common cut flowers .