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Tie your own midsummer wreath

Celebrate midsummer with flowers in your hair. This is how you easily tie your midsummer wreath like a florist - step by step.

Soon it will be midsummer and it is high time to start planning for this year's midsummer wreath. Choose your favorite flowers or get some that match the dress. Here you will get tips on how to tie a simple flower wreath - just like a florist.

How to make a simple midsummer wreath?

tools for tying midsummer wreaths

You need

To make your midsummer wreath, you need steel wire , myrtle wire , floral tape and silk ribbon . And of course lots of lovely flowers and lots of green.


the frame for the midsummer wreath

This is how you make the frame for your wreath

Measure out how much rayon wire you need and make two loops at the ends. Floratape the frame so the flowers stick better.

bridal veil light pink roses midsummer flowers

Flowers for midsummer wreath

In this wreath you will find dew cap , ruscus , rosebuds , bridal veil , santini and prairie bell . Other flowers and green leaves that fit in a midsummer wreath are, for example; ivy, hydrangea, carnation of elegance, cornflower, daisies and poppies. When you have selected your flowers, cut the stems so they are about 5 cm long.


dew cap, ruscus, rosebuds, bridal veil, santini and prairie bell midsummer wreath

Attach the flowers to the wreath

Now it's time to attach the flowers to the wreath. Start by lashing the myrtle wire to the far end of the steel wire. Take some flowers, wrap 2-3 turns around the stems with the myrtle thread. Then you add new flowers and wrap. Remember to pull the myrtle wire tight enough so the flowers stay in place, but don't pull too hard so the flowers break. Continue wrapping a few flowers at a time until the wreath is complete. Fasten the myrtle thread after the last round.


dew cap, ruscus, rosebuds, bridal veil, santini and prairie bell midsummer wreath

Tie a silk ribbon

Take a long piece of silk ribbon and thread through both loops. Put the wreath on your head and tie the silk ribbon as a beautiful bow at the back.


midsummer wreath roses bridal veil

Your own midsummer wreath

Now you have your own beautiful midsummer wreath that will last long into the summer night. Do you do it the day before the party? Shower the flower wreath and put it in a bag that you put in the fridge overnight.