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Christmas inspiration: Advent and Christmas wreath

One of the first signs that Christmas is approaching is the traditional Christmas wreath that many hang on the door. Not so strange, perhaps, that when all of nature comes to mind, we want to perk ourselves up with something fresh and green. And if the wreath is made of healthy material, it will both decorate the door and smell good.


Christmas wreath

Good material for the Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath is often made from natural materials such as fir, straw, twigs, leaves, leaves and berries. It often has fine ribbons that both serve as decoration and for hanging. An artificial wreath can of course be brought out year after year, but surely it is a bit more charming with a Christmas wreath made of natural materials? The traditional Christmas wreath is often round, but it can also be heart-shaped or even star-shaped and it can be hung on the door or used as a table decoration.


Christmas wreath Advent candlestick white roses

Christmas wreath as an Advent candlestick

In Sweden, we put four identical candles in our Advent candlestick. The lights can be white, red, or even green. But in some other countries, the first three candles are purple, symbolizing hope, peace and love. The last candle is pink, which means joy.


red Christmas wreath

Take care of your Christmas wreath

Wreaths made of natural materials do not like heat, so avoid direct heat sources and direct sunlight. If you want to keep it indoors, you can make it last longer by showering it regularly with a flower sprayer.


Christmas trees Christmas decor Christmas wreath

Why Christmas wreath for Christmas?

The Christmas wreath has a long history that goes all the way back to the ancient Persians. At the time, the wreath was a symbol of power and success. In Hellas, laurel wreaths were used to honor the winners of the Olympic Games, and in the Roman Empire, the emperors used them as victory wreaths. The connection between the old ancient customs and the Christmas wreath of our time may not be obvious. But it is also said that the winning Olympians hung the wreath on the wall as a trophy, which may be one of the reasons why today we hang the Christmas wreath on a wall or a door.


Christmas wreath as Advent candlestick

Christmas wreath on the table

Have you considered that you can use a Christmas wreath as the base of a really nice table setting? Place the wreath in the center of the table and build outwards with spruce, moss or anything else that suits your style. If you want to add some height to the arrangement, you can place a bet with a beautiful bouquet in the middle of the wreath. Add some lovely red Christmas apples or polka dots to the arrangement, both young and old are happy when they can eat the decoration. Top it up with lanterns or candlesticks and you've got a wonderfully atmospheric table setting. Remember that nature has a lot of beauty to offer at this time of year!





Do you want to order a beautiful Christmas wreath?

If you want a beautiful wreath but don't have time to make one yourself, you can order one from us. A professional florist ties your wreath and delivers it right to your door.