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Make your own Christmas group

During Christmas, we love to decorate nicely in the home. We think the most fun is making our own Christmas decorations, preferably from flowers and plants of course. 

It is easy to make a Christmas group, and a self-planted one is also a good and often appreciated going away gift before the Christmas festivities. Here we thought we would give inspiration for how you do it - step by step.

This is how you make a simple Christmas group

You need

Start by looking for something to plant in. It can be a beautiful bowl or an old clay pot. You can also plant a solitary Christmas group in a second-hand found coffee cup, for example. Then you need soil , plants according to the season , green moss to cover the soil with and finally decorations . You can use pine cones, Christmas balls, cinnamon sticks and other decorative decorations.

someone is reaching into a tray filled with green moss, bows, apples, pine cones, and other christmas themed decorations that has been placed upon a counter in a kitchen. In the background you can see baked saffron treats and stalks to potted flowers

That's how you start

Start by putting a few centimeters of soil in the bottom of the pot to make a foundation for the plants. This means that the plants stand stably on the bottom.

A platter is being filled with soil. Behind the platter, there are baked saffron treats and different plants in planters pots.

Place the plants

Place your plants. In this Christmas group, we have chosen to use poinsettia, ivy, calanchoe (autumn glow), chives & fir. Feel free to choose plants that have different shapes. One that is tall, one that is lower and one plant that is more hanging. Try to think about where and in which direction the Christmas group should stand, and it will be easier to decide how to plant the plants. Think about whether there should be a front or back, or whether it should be in the middle of a table and be seen from all sides.

Poinsettia has been planted in the platter. There is ivy, calanchoe,  and fir waiting to be planted.

Plant and cover with moss

When you have placed all the plants and feel satisfied, fill with soil so that the roots are covered and the plants stand firmly. Then cover with green moss. Be sure to cover with green moss everywhere so it will be really fancy.

Kalanchoe is being planted into an arrangement with poinsettia, fir, ivy and more.

The final touch

Finish by attaching Christmas baubles or other decorations for the final touch. Be creative with the decorations! Remember to attach them so that there is balance in the Christmas group and not too messy.

Someone is reaching into a mossy planter that contains various plants.

Finished Christmas group

Now the Christmas group is ready. Decorate your home to create a Christmas atmosphere or take as a personal going away gift at the glöggminglet. 

A lovely Christmas arragement in a round potter is filled with moss, ivy, poinsettia, fir, and more - is in full view. In the background are various baked goodes and amaryllis in pots as well as a lit Christmas tree.