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How to decorate your going-away gifts

Before the annual glögg mingling, we think it's nice to bring a gift. It's fun to do that little extra and decorate the going away gift so it becomes more personal.

Here we give four tips on personal gift wrapping

different sorts of presents have been placed underneath a Christmas tree

You need

We have chosen to use eucalyptus, cones, spruce branches and other. Choose what you think is nice. Only the imagination sets limits! It is easiest to use steel wire to attach flowers and twigs. If you don't want the steel wire to be visible, you can wrap another strip on the outside.

a jar filled with cookies has been decorated with pinecones, leaves, and fir and sits in the hand of someone

Give home baked goods away

A life hack that will take the hostess by storm. You cheat and buy ready-made cookies, put in an old jam jar and then finish by wrapping a ribbon around the jar and piling down some spruce branches, eucalyptus and pine cones. It will look like you're bringing home baked goods to the party, and who doesn't love that?

a shiny, red package sits underneath a Christmas  tree with a tea holder

The tea bag + tea strainer

A good addition to the cookie jar, but also a very nice gift to give away, is loose tea with a tea strainer. To make it more personal, we've spruced up the tea bag with eucalyptus, spruce twigs and a beautiful white silk ribbon. You can then present the cookie jar and the tea in a fancy gift bag, and it will feel even more luxurious.

a brown bottle has been decorated with twine, leaves, and fir and is placed upon fur

Luxurious bubble bottle

We think a bottle of bubbly feels wonderfully luxurious to give away. Choose a bottle with care and then spice it up with greens in season and pretty ribbons. Here we have used a natural ribbon, but it is also possible to choose e.g. silk ribbon, lace, satin and velvet.

a box of chocolates has been deocrated with pinecones, leaves, and fir and is held by someone

Classic chocolate box

Just like with the cookies and the tea, you can advantageously give bubbles and a box of chocolates in pairs. Chocolate and bubbles - here we have flavors that marry! Here we have wrapped steel wire and natural ribbon around the entire box and then decorated it with green in season such as moss, eucalyptus and fir rice. Remember to put the plants close because there is a larger area to cover and we don't want the ashes to shine through from below.

advents candle decoration stands in the middle of a table. on the side of the candle are two ceramic mugs and a platter of sliced figs with walnuts and cheese

Now go to mulled wine and shine with your personal and fancy gift wrapping! Choose one, two or go big and put together a whole basket of goodies!