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Bridal bouquet and wedding theme

Not everyone is attracted to a traditional wedding. You might want to do something extra, something that feels more like you. When it comes to   themed weddings  , the limits are endless, only the imagination sets the limits. How do you decide the theme?
Look after your interests and what you like. Can it be converted into   a wedding party ? Of course it does! Everything from seasons and holidays to movies, games and countries. Choose something that feels   personal  to you, not something just because it feels fun, you can save it for another party on another occasion.

What does the theme cover?

Invitation cards, place cards, thank you cards, programs and menus.
Wedding dress,   flowers , bridesmaids' dresses, groom's attire, hairstyles.
Decorations of the church/wedding venue, party venue, activities and of course the food and wedding cake!