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Which color suits your bridal bouquet?

The color of the bridal bouquet is best chosen after the wedding dress and decorations and/or theme have been decided. White and pink bridal bouquets have been the most common, but recently more and more   colorful bridal bouquets have appeared . How about the combination of pink and orange or black and silver?

Different colors also have different meanings in   the language of flowers  and if you visit your local florist they can give you more inspiration and advice. 

a bouquet of pink roses and pink carnations

Blue Bridal Bouquets

Blue flowers stand for truth and fidelity. Regardless of the color of the bouquet in general, a   blue flower  in the bouquet is said to bring luck to the bride.

Purple bridal bouquets

Purple flowers represent happiness and prosperity.

Pink bridal bouquets

Pink flowers stand for love and fidelity. Pink is one of the colors that most brides-to-be prefer for their bridal bouquet.