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Wedding flowers - more than bridal bouquet

There are so many more flowers that you have for the wedding than the bridal bouquet. A lot of wedding flowers are decorations but also flowers for the other participants in the wedding. Bridesmaids and bridesmaids may have   wedding bouquets  but there is much more than bouquets to choose from.

Hair decoration/hair flowers

Just like the bridal bouquet, the hair flowers should go hand in hand with colors and theme. Hair flowers are something that both the bride, bridesmaids and   groomsmen  can have. There are different forms of hair flowers such as tiaras, flowers on a clip/buckle or small flowers that are placed one by one over all or parts of the hair.
Bridal veil  is an example of a flower that is grateful and beautiful to use for the various hair decorations.
The combination of hair flowers and veil can be very beautiful. It is also not uncommon to combine flowers with a crown or tiara, however it is recommended to stick to either or. Myrtle crown is an option that was very popular in the past and seems to be making a bit of a comeback again. Myrtle crown is a steel wire crown that is covered with green plants (myrtle).

Don't forget to bring the hair flowers/decorations to the hairdresser.


Corsage, or   button flower , is a small flower that sits on the left side of the coat or jacket lapel of the groom. Even the marshal and sometimes the parents of the bride and groom can have corsages, these are usually of a slightly smaller and simpler model than the groom's.
According to previous traditions, flowers were picked from the bridal bouquet for the groom's   corsage  to symbolize that they are bound together for life. Now, however, you usually order the corsage from a florist together with the bridal bouquet and make sure that they have similar flowers and match each other.

Marigold and beak flower

The bachelorette bouquet  is usually a hand-tied bouquet in a smaller version of the bridal bouquet, possibly with a few other flowers but still interacting. If desired, the bridesmaids can have some form of hair flower and/or   wrist corsage instead of a bouquet . Which is a flexible and beautiful solution if you want to keep your hands free or just have something different.

For the beaks, it is common to have a small bouquet or a small corsage. Wreath, diadem or hair flower is also something that the beaks can have.
Other possibilities are   a beaked cane  or a beautiful basket with rose petals that are scattered by the beak in the aisle up to the altar.