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Short text for the student

What is the best way to celebrate a new student? With flowers, of course! Blombud is a perfect way to send good wishes for everything new and exciting that awaits. Do you need inspiration for what you can write on the student's card? Here you get tips!




flower bouquet pink roses pink carnation student bouquet

Congratulations on the student or graduation

Great job!
The bright future is yours!
Welcome to the adult world!
Good luck with your future!
Congratulations on the great achievement!
Congratulations! Now rest on your laurels, tomorrow brings other days.
Congratulations on the successes!

flower bouquet pink roses pink carnations

More tips on short texts

Congratulations, now you should take the opportunity to enjoy the happy days of the student!
School is over - it feels good, a new step in life that you are now about to take
Congratulations to you and the work you have done, because graduating is something huge
You have studied hard and look how well it went, with a student cap on your head got good grades
Now the future awaits with exciting opportunities, big congratulations to you on your student day

Say congratulations to students and graduates with happy flowers. Here you will find our collection !