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Grandiose Gerberas

Grandiose Gerberas

Grandiose Gerberas

A dauntless spectacle of vivid, purplish red Gerberas and opulent leafage and greenery!**Vase is not included but can be purchased as an optional product** (Delivery fee from 99 kr)

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The flowers are hand-tied by a local florist

The flowers are hand-tied by a local florist and it can vary from the product image due to seasonal availability and differences in the florists assortment. A small card and light packeting are included in the price. You can add fine cellophane and a more exclusive card to the flowers. Note. The vase is not included in the price when you buy a bouquet.

Want to spoil them? Add some extras
Card 25 kr
Trisslott 40 kr
Nougat hearts
Nougat hearts 75 kr
Chrismas Card
Chrismas Card 20 kr
Luxury candle
Luxury candle 65 kr
Pink Cellophan
Pink Cellophan 35 kr
Christmas chocolate
Christmas chocolate 79 kr
Santa sweets
Santa sweets 60 kr
Christmas candle
Christmas candle 65 kr
Almond & walnut
Almond & walnut 79 kr
Christmas tree chocolate
Christmas tree chocolate 79 kr
Nougat chocolate
Nougat chocolate 79 kr
Green apple flavor
Green apple flavor 79 kr
Gingerbread truffles
Gingerbread truffles 79 kr
Sverigelottery 4-pack
Sverigelottery 4-pack 110 kr
Delicious Gingerbread
Delicious Gingerbread 62 kr
Chili flavor
Chili flavor 79 kr
Chocolate liquorice
Chocolate liquorice 79 kr
climate compensation
climate compensation 2 kr
Blackcurrant flavor
Blackcurrant flavor 79 kr
Facial treatment 1 hour
Facial treatment 1 hour 695 kr
Lovely Gingerbread
Lovely Gingerbread 62 kr
Handmade chocolates
Handmade chocolates 79 kr
Teddy (18 cm)
Teddy (18 cm) 95 kr
Sverigelottery with envelope
Sverigelottery with envelope 35 kr
Chrysal 5 kr
Orange flavor
Orange flavor 79 kr
A dinner for two
A dinner for two 695 kr
Heart with chocolates
Heart with chocolates 99 kr
Brunch for two
Brunch for two 595 kr
Happy candy
Happy candy 69 kr
3 Triss with envelope
3 Triss with envelope 100 kr
Candy hearts
Candy hearts 65 kr
Polka candy
Polka candy 60 kr
Liquorice salt
Liquorice salt 65 kr
Vase 75 kr
Cellophan 35 kr
Xocolatl hearts
Xocolatl hearts 79 kr
5 triss with envelope
5 triss with envelope 160 kr
Liquorice - Salty
Liquorice - Salty 45 kr
Raspberry chocolate hearts
Raspberry chocolate hearts 79 kr
Accessories pack
Accessories pack 49 kr
Liquorice - Salt Raspberry
Liquorice - Salt Raspberry 45 kr
Small Teddy (13 cm)
Small Teddy (13 cm) 75 kr