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Give double joy, make a contribution to charity

Sending flowers is giving and by sending one of our charity bouquets you are giving twice. You give care in the form of flowers to someone here at home and you give care to someone far away. Someone who really needs it.

Choose from some of our ready-made charity bouquets where the gift certificate is already included or choose any bouquet on the page and add the voucher yourself Joy, sport and play which gives vulnerable children balls, nets, training clothes and other things needed to be able to play sports and have fun . When you have chosen your bouquet, you will find the voucher under "Add card or gift".

Thanks to our customers and previous projects you supported...

a boy looking happy holding up a curtain over his head

... can this boy avoid malaria

You who buy the Mosquito Nets that Save Lives bouquet donate money to the work against the spread of malaria. The vast majority who die from malaria are children under the age of five. Malnutrition makes young children particularly susceptible to the disease. Mosquito nets are a simple and important way to prevent the spread of malaria and save children from the infection. In addition, the children's fund works preventively by spreading information in the form of film screenings in public places. An educational material with pictures and translated into local languages ​​helps to educate the population at the same time. In this way, they learn to be alert for symptoms so that the malaria can be treated at an early stage.

A girl holding a chicken in her arms

...this girl got a chicken

The bouquet A significant Easter has contributed to young people in some of the world's poorest countries getting their own chickens and training in chicken breeding. Eventually, the family is able to sell eggs and chickens at, for example, local markets, which provides income while also enabling them to afford food, medicine and allow the children to go to school. The effort, just like all the work the Children's Fund does, is linked to the UN's global goals.

A mother kit for newborns and the mother.

... babies get a safe start

When you buy the bouquet called "Give the baby a safe start", you automatically give a package to an expectant mother and her baby. A safe and secure childbirth is not a matter of course, and maternal and child mortality are high in vulnerable parts of the world. The package contains, among other things, plastic sheets, soap, umbilical cord thread and a health card for the newborn baby. It may sound simple, but the package saves lives, for both mothers and children.

Facts about the Children's Fund

Barnfonden is a children's rights organization based in Malmö that works for children's rights and safety in vulnerable areas that are severely affected or at risk of being affected by climate change. Together with children, we create sustainable solutions that protect and strengthen their rights and well-being.

The Children's Fund is a non-partisan and religious children's rights organization that works to ensure that all children can develop and reach their full potential. The head office is in Malmö and the organization was founded in 1991. They are part of the international network ChildFund Alliance (CFA). Together with CFA, the Children's Fund supports approximately 16 million children and families in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The Children's Fund's work is led by an unpaid board and the work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They are holders of a 90 account and this means that the money will surely reach the purpose for which it is to be used. Like many other non-profit organizations, Barnfonden are members of the branch organization Giva Sweden and the platform Concord Sweden.