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Tulips - Facts and care advice

Tulips are one of our most loved cut flowers. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. And if you take care of them right, they stay nice for over a week. Here you get tips and advice on how to extend the life of your tulips.

How long do tulips live? Be sure to cut your tulips every day and put them in fresh cold water. With the right care, your tulips will stay beautiful for over a week.

This is how you make your tulips live longer

White tulips, a round glass vase and a watering can. How to take care of your tulips

Use a clean vase

It is important to use a clean vase. If you use a dirty vase, the bacteria in the vase will break down the tulips prematurely. Which is very sad on such beautiful flowers.

white tulips and a round glass vase that a watering can fills with water

How to water your tulips

When you fill the vase with water, you should only add about 10 centimeters. They don't want more water than that. Use crisp cold water. It loves your tulips. And make sure the water is clean. If it starts to become cloudy, it is good to change to remove the bacteria.

a bouquet of white tulips and white hearts

How often should I add water?

If you want to avoid your tulips growing too fast and becoming rickety, you don't need to add new water every day but only when needed. But if you want the tulips to grow and thrive, you can top up with water as often as needed. If you also cut the tulips every other day, you can make them grow so that they hang beautifully over the edge of the vase.

How to cut your tulips. White tulip bouquet in the background

Cut your tulips

Before placing your tulips in cold water, give them a cut in the stem. By making another fine cut in the stem, you help the tulip to absorb the water. Make a straight cut about 2 centimeters from the end of the stem. You can advantageously cut your tulips again after a few days.

White tulips together with the green of the season

Get crispy tulips

Tulips that are left cool at night live longer. They can withstand drafts but do not thrive in freezing temperatures or too hot. If you have room, you can put the vase in the fridge overnight. Otherwise, a glazed balcony or a conservatory is perfect for the purpose.

light pink and dark pink tulips in a beautiful tulip bouquet

Tulip bouquet with the onion left

Create a beautiful tulip bouquet with the remaining bulbs. It creates a cool and rustic feeling. Wrap a beautiful ribbon around the stems and place your bouquet in a nice deep dish. Then pour a little water in the bottom to the roots of the onion. When the tulips have finished blooming, save the bulbs and plant them in the garden.