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Frozen tulip decoration

Are your tulips almost in bloom? Surely it is a shame that you cannot give them eternal life! We have the trick for you to be able to enjoy your bouquet for a while longer. By making a beautiful ice decoration, you can enjoy the tulips even longer.

a white bucket and a bunch of purple tulips

You need

A bouquet of tulips that are almost in bloom.

A bucket or similar that can withstand freezing temperatures.

A few liters of boiled cooled water.

a white bucket of water with purple tulips in it

Do this

Please put the tulips in a cool place first so that they shrink a little.

Then boil a few liters of water and let it cool completely. This makes the ice clearer.

Take your tulip bouquet and place it in your bucket with the flowers facing down. Leave a few centimeters to the bottom so that water gets under the flowers.

Top up with the room temperature pre-boiled water.

Tap the bucket a few times to dislodge any air bubbles.

Put the bucket outside if it's freezing or in your regular freezer.

A frozen decoration of purple tulips

Did you know that

You can also freeze other flowers for nice decorations.

Do you live where it is not always freezing in winter? You can still make nice decorations by using milk cartons, plastic containers, cake tins or similar containers that fit in your regular freezer.

Remember to leave a few centimeters up to the edge without water because water expands when it freezes.

By taping a cardboard plate or a plastic glass to the bottom of the bucket, you can create a cavity for a tea light. Use a candle lantern for the candle so that it does not catch fire in the flowers when the ice melts.