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The lilac comes with the flowering season

It comes around the end of school in the shift between May and June with its good smell. It was discovered in the 17th century in south-eastern Europe and blooms in colors such as purple, white or blue. It is a relatively large deciduous shrub where the bark is rough with a greyish tone. Lilac's leaves are ovate with a heart-shaped base and it has flowers in pairs at the top of the bush. The flowers are cylindrical and the juice you can suck from them is sweet and tasty.

Some of the lilac species have a unique feature, which is that they change color from bud to bud. Primrose has buds that are pale yellow but when it blooms it has cream colored flowers. This also applies to the species Beauty of Moscow, where the buds are light clear pink while it turns white like a beautiful winter's day.

The lilac is easy to work with

Despite the size of the bush, it is easy to work with and it needs to be planted in a soil that has compost soil. This means that it survives so that it can be enjoyed for several years. At the time of planting, the soil must be watered and the lilac must be placed in a pit that is half filled with soil. Trample and water heavily, when the water has gone down, the soil has risen but should not be compacted. After a week or so, the soil has sunk away and then you have to fill it up with soil. The only task that must be kept is to make sure that the soil is weed-free and that you water thoroughly. Water heavily once instead of watering several times during the day.

Did you know this about the lilac?

In the past, lilac sticks were used for rakes because they were strong and durable. In addition, the plant, the lilac, is associated with superstitions as it was believed that people born between the hours of 11-00 pm were given an unusual ability. That ability was that they could see ghosts but only during the period when the bush bloomed and only at the same time on Sundays.

There are also many who believe that the lilac is spelled with an é like the lilac. Unfortunately, it is not correct, the correct syllable is syren, but on the other hand, during the years 1792-1892, the word but was spelled with an é.
Syren means my first great love. If the flower is blue, it has meaning, you are the most important of all. If instead it comes in the color white, it has a different meaning, I will remember you forever. The beautiful and lovely flower has loving meanings.

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