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Tips with roses

The rose, a flower as beautiful as it is fragrant. Did you know that you can benefit from your roses even after they have bloomed? Here we give you our three best tips on what you can do when they have done their work in the vase.

pink rose petals on a baking sheet in the oven

Dried rose petals

Dried rose petals are useful for a little of everything, the easiest way is to dry your rose petals in the oven. Carefully pick the petals off the flower. Fill a tray with rose petals and leave them inside at 50 degrees for a couple of hours or until all the petals have dried properly. They are best kept in an airtight jar, if you choose a glass jar they are also beautiful to look at.

Dried rose petals smell lovely, put them in a small organza bag and let your wardrobes be filled with a wonderful scent.

dried pink rose petals in a glass jar

Roses that smell

Mix some dried rose petals in your bath water and enjoy the wonderful scent that surrounds you.

Dry rose petals in a thick, heavy book and use as decoration when making your own cards. Then the leaves will be flat, nice and easier to attach to the card. If you are worried about the book, you can first place the rose petals between parchment paper before folding the book.

Bonus tip!

Are you going to a wedding? Use your own dried rose petals to throw at the bride and groom instead of rice.