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Roses - Facts and care advice

Have you received a bouquet of beautiful roses? Take part in our best tips to make your roses stay beautiful for a long time. The secret is love, fresh water and a little nutrition.

What says love more than a bouquet of gorgeous roses? Properly cared for, the messenger of romance can stand beautifully for over a week, sometimes even longer! Read our best tips to maximize the life of the bouquet.

This is how you make your roses live longer

light pink rose being cut

We take it from the beginning

Start by giving the roses a diagonal cut. Use a knife or other cutting tool. If you use scissors, the stems are pressed together and impair the rose's ability to absorb water. The cut should be approximately 2 cm long, the longer the cut, the better the rose absorbs the water. Put the roses in the vase immediately after you have cut the stems so that they do not absorb air, which is what causes the roses to wither.


rose bouquet with pink roses and red roses

Prevent nodding roses

Do not remove the packaging immediately, give your bouquet a moment to get used to the room temperature, it prevents nodding roses. Roses can be very sensitive. And if they have been without water for a long time, they may have had time to suck up air bubbles in the stems. By giving your roses slightly longer diagonal cuts and placing them in warm water while they still have the paper around them, you will prevent nodding roses. If they do hang their heads, you can wrap them in a paper cone to prop them up for a few hours or overnight. When they have regained their resilience, replace the water with cold water so that unwanted bacteria do not enter the vase.


glass flower vases

Roses want a clean vase and cold water

Use a clean vase that does not contain residual bacteria from an old bouquet, wash it thoroughly. New findings say that all flowers should have cold water because it inhibits bacterial growth. Remember to remove the leaves that come below the water line, as they contaminate the water. If you get nutrition for your bouquet, you pour this into the water, it extends the shelf life. Remember to check and adjust the water level in the vase every day, roses are thirsty flowers! During the night you can put your roses in a cool place and they will last longer.