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Care advice for Christmas roses

Although it blooms in the middle of winter, the Christmas rose thrives best when it's not too cold. Did you know that it doesn't bloom if it gets too cold? Here we have collected our best tips on how to take care of the beautiful Christmas rose.


Christmas rose in pot

How do I get my Christmas rose to thrive?

Christmas roses in pots really thrive best in a conservatory or on a glazed balcony where it is cool and bright but not too cold. If you have it indoors, it thrives best in a bright window. Have well-drained soil in the pot and let it dry out slightly between waterings.


Christmas rose cut flower

Christmas roses as cut flowers

The Christmas rose is nice to use as a cut flower, but it can be a bit difficult to draw up water. There are many different tricks, some prefer to give them long cuts like on a rose, others advocate a fairly straight cut and then cutting a cross about a centimeter up the stem. Sometimes the Christmas rose may require warm water to not hang, change the water often and cut the stems at the same time.


Christmas rose

Give your Christmas rose new life in the discount

When the Christmas rose blooms, you can cut off the flower stem and water it sparingly until you can plant it out in the flower bed. In the meantime, it is best kept cool at around five degrees. Although it can stand directly in the sun, it thrives best in semi-shade and preferably with soil rich in lime and loam.