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Carnations - facts and care advice

The flower comes from the carnation genus and there are around 300 species. Most of the species grow in the northern hemisphere, mainly East Asia and the Mediterranean area, and a full 6 of the species live wild in Sweden


light pink carnation carnation bouquet

Carnation is a durable flower

The carnation is available in all colors but also two colored and is sold all year round. It is a real trend flower that can be found in most florists' bouquets, but it is also beautiful alone. It can both smell, but there are some species that are scentless.


flower bouquet carnation bouquet carnation

Take care of your Carnations

It is important that the carnation is placed in cold water together with nutrition in it. It is important to use the right nutrition because if it is wrong, the carnation will have poor growth. The water should be changed from time to time in order for the flower to have the best possible durability, the carnation can live for about 1-3 weeks.


colorful carnation bouquet pink roses red carnation orange carnation pink carnation

Cut your carnations

Each time the water is changed, a new cut must also be made. When the cut is made, it should be diagonal and the leaves on the lower part of the stem should be removed. The temperature controls the rate of growth and the size of the carnation. It is also important not to leave the leaves of the flower during watering as there is a risk of mold diseases.