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Poinsettia care advice

Poinsettias are an immensely popular Christmas flower. Every year around 9 million poinsettias are sold in Sweden, i.e. almost one poinsettia per person. The red variety is the most popular, but poinsettias are also available in several white, pink and marbled shades. The poinsettia grows wild in Mexico, where it can grow 4-5 meters high.

 white poinsettias

How do I best take care of the poinsettia?

Poinsettia is sensitive to cold and loses its leaves if exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees. Therefore, remember to wrap it properly when transporting it home.


poinsettia planting

Where do I place the poinsettia so that it thrives best?

The poinsettia thrives best in evenly moist soil, but not too wet. The top centimeters should preferably dry out a little before you water again. If you do not intend to overwinter your poinsettia, there is no reason to feed it. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight and cannot withstand drafts, so avoid placing it in a window. Just like all other flowers, it does not want to be too close to either the fruit platter or the Christmas tree.


white poinsettia

Is poinsettia poisonous?

That the poinsettia would be directly poisonous is an exaggeration. But it can be good to be careful anyway, there are those who can actually have an allergic reaction from it. Eating it can cause both vomiting and stomach upset, while the juice can cause problems if it comes into contact with the eyes. Our pets can suffer from vomiting and diarrhea so place your poinsettia at a safe distance. Contact your veterinarian if you suspect they have ingested a poisonous plant.


poinsettia Christmas wreath

Can the poinsettia have a long life?

Yes, it is a perennial flower so it is possible to make it live even after Christmas. Do not be alarmed when the poinsettia sheds its leaves, it is completely natural in our indoor climate or with the influence of the sun. Continue to water regularly and sparingly until Easter. Then you can start giving it small doses of nutrition, 1/6 of what is recommended on the nutrition package. In mid-May, you can increase the nutrition to half of the recommended dose. Another trick is to give it rainwater instead of regular tap water.


light pink poinsettia