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Care advice for hyacinths

Bulb plants are grateful and easy to care for, just like with amaryllis, it is easier to water too much than too little. We share our five best tips so that you can enjoy the hyacinth's colorful fragrance throughout Christmas.

Glass vases of different shapes and sizes are standing in the windowpane. In the middle of these vases stands a transparent blue glass vase with a bouquet of white, apricot, blue and purple hyacinth.

How do I care for and water my hyacinth?

The most important thing is that the bud should be visible when you choose hyacinths, otherwise it can be difficult to get them to bloom. Always let the onion stick out of the soil a bit, this means that it does not rot as easily. Water your hyacinths regularly to keep the soil moist, avoid pouring water directly on the bulbs. If the stem begins to lean heavily, it is wise to support it with a flower stick. If it has become too long after all, you can cut it off and put it in a regular vase instead.

six ceramic pots stand on a bench with hyacinth in various stages of bloom. in the background there are pine trees

Where should I place my hyacinth?

Hyacinths do well in bright conditions, but they do not like direct sunlight (which is not a problem during the dark season). They thrive both in the window frame as well as on a table further into a room.

Pine cones are sprinkled about a deep window sill amongst glass vases in different shapes and sizes. The vases contain a sortiment of hyacinth in various stages of bloom.

Give the hyacinth a longer life

If the hyacinth is about to start blooming a little too early for your taste, you can stop it by putting it in the refrigerator or in a frost-free conservatory. Keep the soil moist during the cold and simply take it out when you want to start the flowering. If necessary, it can be kept in the refrigerator for several weeks.

two ceramic pots filled with hyacinth stand centered on a table outside in the snow. in the background there are pine trees lit with string lights.

Strong fragrance

Hyacinths generally have a very strong scent. The flower is bothersome to many allergy sufferers, in fact listed as one of the worst allergy culprits by the Asthma and Allergy Association. But there are variants with a milder scent. It is above all the white hyacinths, for example the usual "White Pearl" that are a bit kinder. Read our tips on what you can do to lock in the smell here.

Bulb spring flowers lie upon newspaper with their roots and soil exposed. Ceramic pots and a watering can are also placed in the middle of the image

Bonus tip!

Feel free to save the onion and plant it out in the spring. When your hyacinth has finished blooming, cut off the flower stalk or let it wither down and then pull it up. Leave the onion in light, water and provide nutrients so that it can grow. When the risk of frost is over, you can plant out the bulbs and let the leaves wither down, then the bulbs get all the power and nutrition. The following year you will again be able to enjoy seeing your beautiful hyacinth bloom.