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Decorate beautifully with hyacinths

Is it possible to have an onion plant without planting it in a regular pot? Yes, one of our most loved Christmas flowers can be decorated in many different ways. We give you our five best tips on how to create a colorful and fragrant Christmas decoration.

A Christmas group with white hyacinths. How you can decorate with hyacinths

Make your own fragrant Christmas group

Planting hyacinths together with other flowers such as amaryllis, mini poinsettias and various low-growing succulents makes an effective arrangement. Add green or cushion moss to fill up between the plants, it will be both decorative and at the same time help retain moisture in the planting. A few beautiful branches that you found in nature and some nice decorative details will be the finishing touches. Why not create a large co-planting where you plant several bulbs in the same pot, the effect will be striking!

Blue hyacinths, purple hyacinths, orange hyacinths and white hyacinths in a glass vase in a window frame

Hang hyacinths in your window

As with amaryllis, you can cut your hyacinth from the bulb and hang it in a pretty ribbon in the window and water down the hollow stem. It is also nice to dress the onion with moss that you attach with decorative steel wire or a coarse string, remember to water the onion properly first. Feel free to hang several hyacinths at different heights and water by gently spraying the moss once a week. Or why not mix with amaryllis that hang upside down in the stem?

White hyacinths and light purple hyacinths in a window frame

Hyacinth in a glass vase

Onion plants are also attractive in glass vases where you can enjoy the splendor of the entire plant. Carefully rinse off all soil from the onion, taking care of the delicate roots, then place the onion at the top of the vase and fill with water. There are special hyacinth vases but you can really use any vase, the important thing is that only the roots come into contact with the water.

Light pink hyacinths, white hyacinths, blue purple hyacinths and apricot hyacinths in a woman's arms

Minimize the smell

Do you love hyacinths but can't stand the smell? You can minimize the strong smell by placing a few hyacinths at the bottom of a tall glass vase. Put some decorative stone or airy moss at the bottom where the roots can get water without the onion being damaged, most of the scent then stays down in the vase. Another tip is to use a glass cup and simply seal in the scent of your arrangement.

pink hyacinths in a cup

Use the hyacinth as a cut flower

Have you been a bit liberal with the water? Then you can cut off the long, slender flower stem and put it in a regular vase, fill it with pearl hyacinths, ranunculus and maybe a couple of spruce branches for an effective arrangement.

set your Christmas table with white hyacinths

Bonus tip!

You can also use hyacinths to create a beautiful table setting that works well for Christmas, you can find more about how FloristFia has made an effective table setting below!