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Care advice for amaryllis

What should you think about to make your amaryllis look beautiful all Christmas? The amaryllis can be a sensitive and somewhat difficult flower if she is not given the right conditions. We help you with our best tips on how to make her live up to her title as the Queen of Christmas.


white amaryllis

General care advice for onions and cut flowers

There are some tips that apply both to amaryllis as a cut flower and as a houseplant. Pinch off the stamens as soon as you can. If the pollen gets on a flower petal, it will be damaged and wither faster. When the flowers have bloomed, you can place the amaryllis cooler overnight, then the flowers will last longer. Like many other flowers, the amaryllis gravitates towards the light, so it is important to rotate the pot or vase at regular intervals.



Amaryllis as a cut flower

Amaryllis is a delicate flower that has difficulty absorbing water due to the long air-filled stem. By poking a hole in the stem at the top of the flower, you help release the air so it can absorb more water. Then place your amaryllis in a bucket of water for a few hours. This allows it to soak up a lot of water before it is placed in a vase. Sometimes you may even hear a hissing sound which means the air is escaping from the stem. When you want to lift the amaryllis into a nice vase, hold your finger over the opening in the stem so that the water remains.


glass flower vases

Clean vase and clean water

Use a clean vase and add flower food to the water. It is enough that the water reaches about halfway up the stem. Use a clean vase and add flower food to the water. It is enough that the water reaches about halfway up the stem. If you have flower nutrition in the water, it is enough to top up when necessary, otherwise it is important to change the water at least twice a week and on one of these occasions take the opportunity to wash the vase.


cut flowers amaryllis bouquet

Prevent curling amaryllis stems

Cut back the stems when they start to "curl", you can also put a rubber band or clear tape around the end of the stem. This means that they don't split and roll up as easily because when that happens, your amaryllis can no longer absorb water as easily.


light pink amaryllis

Support the stem

Many amaryllis are sold with a stick in the stem to support it. Keep an eye so the stick doesn't damage your amaryllis from the inside or rot in the water. If you want to avoid rotting sticks, you can instead choose a tall and narrow vase that supports the stems. Properly cared for, your amaryllis will last for about two weeks. Remember to pick off individual wilted leaves or flowers, otherwise they take energy from the other flowers.


white amaryllis bulb

Amaryllis in pot

Start watering your amaryllis only when the buds appear. Water very sparingly, too much water causes the stems to shoot up. The warmer your amaryllis stands, the faster it starts to bloom. Remember that you do not need to add nutrients, everything the flower needs is in the bulb. Once the flowers have bloomed, you can increase the watering a little. By watering from below the dish, you spare the onion. In total, just under ½ deciliter a week is enough.


light pink amaryllis

Support badly exposed amaryllis stems

It is good to use some kind of support for your amaryllis. When the flowers bloom, the stems are heavily loaded and they can be weighed down and, in the worst case, broken off. If your amaryllis support has holes, it's easier to put them in place while the flowers are still buds. When a flower has wilted, it is important to cut the stem so that it does not take nourishment from those that are still blooming. Should your stem still hang or break, you can just cut it off and use it as a cut flower instead.


Christmas amaryllis

Do you want your amaryllis bulb to bloom even for next Christmas?

When the amaryllis has finished blooming, cut off the flower stalks while the green leaves are allowed to live on. The green leaves become like any potted plant. Water and feed from time to time, it likes to be a little darker now. When autumn comes and it becomes September, it is time to prepare for flowering. You stop watering and let it wilt down. Cut off the wilting leaves and place in the dark (in a pot or lying on a newspaper?). At the turn of October/November, you replant it in new, healthy soil and the amaryllis gets a new lease of life. Water sparingly and see how it gets new life again!