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5 tips for amaryllis

Amaryllis is one of our most beautiful Christmas flowers and it is easy to understand why it is called the queen of Christmas. But she is a sensitive soul and it can be difficult to make it bloom at the right time. Here you can read our five best tips that will make your amaryllis bloom in time for Christmas and stay beautiful for longer.

Did you know that

  • You can hang your cut amaryllis upside down as a nice decoration in a window or in a wall-hung holder (be careful of the wall behind so that the flower does not discolour it). Then you water the amaryllis by pouring the water into the hollow stem.
  • On onions - if you order an amaryllis on onions, it is delivered in bud and it takes about a month for it to bloom.
  • In a bouquet - if you order amaryllis as a cut flower, it is delivered in bud and begins to bloom after a few days. The flowers come out gradually and amaryllis is a cut flower that lasts up to two weeks.
  • By placing your pot with the amaryllis bulb on a warm windowsill, you can make it grow a little faster.
  • Need to slow down your amaryllis a bit? Put it in a dark and cool place and it will calm down a bit.
  • If you want to take part in care advice for other flower varieties, you will find it - Care advice here!