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Alstroemeria - facts & care advice

Here you can read facts and care advice on how to best care for the alstroemeria cut flower so that it lasts a long time

The alstroemeria flower occurs mainly as a planting plant and it can overwinter in Sweden with the right management and knowledge. It is also available as a cut flower and is available all year round. Its origin is from South America, the countries of Chile and Brazil and is found in approximately 65 species.


In Chile, the species that can overwinter comes, while alstroemeria, which is mostly found during the summer months, comes from Brazil. alstroemerian is available in several colors, pastel, cerise, red, orange, yellow and white, but it is also available in several colors at the same time. It comes in large clusters with several flowers on the same stem that break out in batches.

The flower is related to the lily and resembles it in appearance. The species is named after the Swede Clas Alströmer who lived in the 18th century, when he sent alstroemeria seeds home to Sweden and had them sown. His close friend Carl von Linné rewarded Clas Alströmer by naming the flower after him.

Alstroemeria is sensitive to frost

When the last frost is over, you can start planting alstroemeria in the garden, but the location is important because the flower requires sun or a slightly shady place. If that possibility is not available, it is important that it gets access to morning sun and another important aspect is the drainage because the species rots if it sits stagnant in water or moist soil.

If, on the other hand, you are limited to a certain location, you can build up the soil to a higher level to improve capacity. During the planting of the roots, the holes should be deep and the space should be one foot apart.

After that, it is important to water the soil, but it must not get too wet. During the winter months, it is important to store the roots, preferably moist. They are very fragile and can be damaged if they are not handled carefully, which means that you have to check that the roots do not endure or rot and if it turns out that they do, just throw those roots away. During the spring and summer, just enjoy the beautiful colors.

Alstroemeria durable as a cut flower

When the alstroemeria appears as a cut flower, it is important that it is cut lightly on the diagonal and that it is placed in cold water with cut flower nutrition. The stem is very weak so treat it gently and make sure no leaves are under the water.

The species is one of the cut flowers that last a long time and is very easy to care for. The shelf life can be between 10-18 days. The stately alstroemeria appears in many of the florists' arrangements because it is durable and available all year round. The flower is also beautiful completely solo with a single shade or of a mix of mixed colors.

Alstroemerian is odorless, which means that it does not cause problems for allergy sufferers. However, you should be aware that the roots can be irritating to the eyes and skin. The stately alstroemeria is also a symbol of friendship and affection, which makes it particularly suitable when sending a flower delivery.

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