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Set a magical party table

One of the most wonderful things about the dark season is all the functions and family dinners when we get the opportunity to set the table really beautifully. This year, we have been inspired by the Forest Fantastic trend, which is about using all the beauty that nature offers completely free - fir and pine, cones, moss. We add some candles, succulents, cut flowers... we promise it will be a hit!

Create a frame

We will set a long table. We start by using narrow birch logs to frame the center table decoration. To protect the table, we put cellophane on the cloth under the decoration itself. If you don't have easy access to birch, you can use unplaned narrow boards or nicely shaped stones. If the table is round, you can still use the same principle and make a decoration in the middle of the table.

A beautiful table setting of white roses and hyacinths

Think texture

Use moss, needles and cones as a basis. If you add other materials such as succulents, onion plants or green in a different shade (e.g. eucalyptus) you will get nice contrasts in both color and texture.

white hyacinths together with a light string of lights make the party setting extra cosy

It should smell good too

In our table decoration we used hyacinths. It smells lovely, but just be aware that the scent can be very strong, so it's good if they're not completely knocked out. If they are already very worn out, don't use too many. You can supplement with, for example, roses or carnations to bring more blooming elements into the table setting. In the video below, our own FloristFia gives tips on how to keep the cut flowers lively and healthy until the party is over.

A festive table setting of white roses and white hyacinths together with moss

Light enhances the mood

As you can see, we have made a very low table decoration. This allows the guests to see each other without anything obscuring the view or contact across the table. A simple string of lights with warm lights makes the decoration even more beautiful and raises the cozy factor considerably. With an electric loop powered by batteries, you don't have to look after candles, which can be a risk with the combustible natural materials.

Set the table for the New Year's party

Are you going to throw a big party for New Year's? Use the same thoughts as we describe for the Christmas table. Here we have made an oasis decoration, surely it looks impressive? If you use large flowers to fill in, you won't need as many in number. It looks more elegant and it doesn't have to be so expensive. New Year's table setting can be found here!