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Autumn planting - that's how you succeed

The best time for planting is in autumn. Your plants will escape the early summer drought and by spring they will have had time to take root properly. Here are the five best plants to plant in the fall.

Do you love fall planting as much as we do? The best time to plant is right now in autumn. Your plants don't have to dry out in the early summer sun and when spring comes they will have taken root properly. In this way, they quickly get started with growth. In addition, you don't have to water your plants as much as with a summer planting.

Here we advise on the five best plants for your autumn planting and how to do it to succeed.

A large pink ball chrysanthemums stands in a large wicker basket.

Ball Chrysanthemums

Plant a ball chrysanthemum on the patio and you will get a beautiful display of flowers in the fall when many other plants have stopped blooming. Ball chrysanthemums can bloom right into November if the temperature remains stable.

1. Ball Chrysanthemums thrive best in partial shade. A cooler planting means that the vest stays nice for longer. The light is important for the flowers to bloom properly.

2. Plant in a larger pot to facilitate care.

3. Water twice a week. The soil should be slightly moist at all times.

4. Pick off wilted flowers later.

A bouquet of heather is being held by a person in a dark gray sweater


The heather with its floral splendor adds color to autumn. If you take care of your heather, it will look good all season. In addition, it can handle a winter outdoors without any problems.

1. The heather an acidic and well-drained soil. Feel free to choose rhododendron soil that is low in lime and has a low pH value.

2. Place the plant in a bright and sunny place on the balcony or in your garden. It will make it bloom extra long.

3. The heather wants a lot of water and likes to stand in moist soil. If you forget to water it, it quickly becomes brown and dull. Water once a week as long as it is plus degrees.

A large wicker planter is filled with pink hydrangeas


The fun thing about potted hydrangeas is the great variety. Pick and choose from lots of different varieties. The hydrangea is densely grown and many are pretty for the growth habit, which is perfect when it is to be planted in a pot.

1. Place the hydrangea brightly, but not in direct sunlight.

2. Hydrangea does well with lots of water. However, it does not want to stand in water. Therefore, immerse the potted plant in water and keep it there until it stops bubbling. Repeat three times a week.

3. Cut off unsightly flower clusters.

A close up photo of bright pink cyclamen


One of autumn's most anticipated plants is the Cyclamen. It thrives in cooler climates and is available for purchase in the trade only during August. A perfect plant to welcome autumn and winter with.

1. Use nutritious potting soil and make sure it is always moist. It must not be too dry or too wet.

2. Water the plant a little every day. Cyclamen do best with soft water or rainwater. You must absolutely not water between the leaves or the root, but use a thin stream of water at the edge of the pot.

3. The cyclamen likes cool temperatures, preferably around 16 °C and it can withstand frosty nights. If the plant gets too hot, a tip is to put some ice cubes on the soil to cool the plant down.

4. The plant likes to be in light but not in direct sunlight.

A large bush of white roses stands in front of a white wall


Roses do well to be planted in autumn. They are also usually available to buy cheaply in stores during this time. They may look a little boring right now but will be beautiful flowering plants next year.

1. The rose thrives in a nutrient-rich soil that is well-drained.

2. Remove wilted flowers to get a richer bloom.

3. Plant your roses in a sunny location. Preferably next to a wall, trellis, fence or pergola.