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Autumn wreath - this is how you tie your own door wreath

When the season changes and it starts to get darker outside, we like to decorate. A perfect decoration for autumn is to make your own door wreath to bring in a cozy atmosphere. Tie your own autumn wreath to hang on your door. Be creative and fill it with everything that belongs to autumn, such as heather, rowan berries, leaves, cones and small apples. Only the imagination sets limits.

How do you tie a simple autumn wreath?

A bound base for a wreath is lying together with wire thread and scissors on top of furs

You need

To create your autumn wreath, you need a straw frame, myrtle wire, flowers and plants to taste and ribbon to hang with. Remember, the smaller the wreath and the more flowers, the bouncier the result. Therefore, it can be good to choose a size of the straw wreath that is not too small.

A top a wooden table, placed outdoors, are different types of leaves and thistles.

Choose flowers

In this wreath, we have chosen to use eucalyptus, thistles and leaves picked outside because they give a fancy and bushy look and become very nice when they dry! You can also use: heather, small apples, rosehips, rowan berries, grass, dried ferns, ivy, deer paws, lamb's ears, limonium, scabiosa seedlings, various types of leaves, cones, maple leaves.
Before you start working with your flowers, you can cut the stem so that it is about 5 cm long. Then the flowers are easier to work with and do not stick out outside the wreath.

A person is wrapping wire thread around a wreath form to hold various leaves and thistle in place. In the background there are scissors and other leaves with thistle.

This is how you start tying your autumn wreath

Start by lashing the myrtle wire to the far end of the straw frame to secure the end. Take some flowers and lay them against the stem of the straw and wrap 2-3 turns around the stems with the wire. Then you add new flowers and wrap. Remember to fasten the wire tightly so the flowers remain after they dry!

A person is wrapping wire thread around a wreath form to hold various leaves and thistle in place.

Fasten the wire

Do this until the whole wreath is full of flowers! Secure the wire by lashing it several times around the wreath. Try prying it in between some flowers so it's not visible, for a professional result, just like if a florist tied it!

A wreath made of various leaves and thistle is perched atop a wooden table sitting outside beside a chair covered in furs.

Finished result

Finish by wrapping a ribbon of your choice to hang your wreath on the door. We have chosen to use a wide silk ribbon, but choose what suits your home according to your own taste. You can be creative and use silk ribbon, lace, natural thread, velvet,

A wreath made of various leaves and thistle is hanging from a blue door.

Now hang up your door wreath and let it hang all autumn to get in the mood.