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What should I write on the card for Mother's Day?

It is not always easy to convey emotions in a text. Especially not if the text is to fit on a tiny card in a Mother's Day bouquet. But often all it takes is a little inspiration, and you know that? The important thing is not what you write, but that you write. Here you get help on the trot...

Happy Mother's Day, a son says to his mother, kissing her forehead

Something loving

Mom, there is no one like you. You have ...

Nothing in the whole world is like a hug from you. You ...

You are my biggest role model. Thanks to you ...

Thank you for being my mother. Without you ...

surprise mom on mother's day with flowers. A daughter hugging her mother on Mother's Day

Something with humor

Mom, you've always been my favorite. Like, for example, all the times you said yes, when dad said no!

I love you mother. Even more than chocolate.

Mom, you know that without me this would have been just like any other day.

Happy mother's day with flowers. A mother and daughter hugging each other

Something for the bonus mom

You are no ordinary mother. You are 2.0.

Being a bonus mom is not easy. But you are doing a great job!

You are not my plastic mother. You are a real mother that I only got a little late.

You are the perfect mix of mother and friend.

a bouquet of green carnations and pink carnations. Surprise mom on Mother's Day with flowers. Mother's day flowers

Mom is the best

To the best mother in the world.

Every day should be Mother's Day.

Beautiful flowers for my beautiful mother.

Mom, you are the best and I love you.

You do so much for me but today you are the one to be spoiled.