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Beloved Christmas rose - the light in the winter darkness

Just when winter is at its darkest and the days are shortest, the Christmas rose comes and spreads joy through its beautiful flowers. Put it in a pot by the front door as a beautiful welcoming arrangement along with some pretty branches and some moss. Here we have collected five facts about the wonderful Christmas rose.


white Christmas rose

Christmas rose - the beauty of winter

Historically, the Christmas rose has been used both as a medicinal plant and to be able to create contact with the spirit world.

Christmas rose is not at all related to roses but belongs to the same family as ranunculus.

Keep in mind that for sensitive people it can cause eczema. Therefore, always wear gloves when handling your Christmas roses.

Christmas rose

The classic white Christmas rose

The classic white Christmas rose – helleborus niger – is the most common variety, but there are many new subspecies that have been developed. They differ slightly in color and shape, but are all beautiful and invigorating in the dark season.

The flowers can be cut off and used as a cut flower, but as it is poisonous, it is directly unsuitable for placing on the plate as a decoration.