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Christmas inspiration

Whether you like the traditional Christmas of red and white, hyacinths and amaryllis, or if you change colors and decorations every year, it can be fun to get new inspiration. Here we have tips and ideas that we hope you can benefit from. Dare to develop your personal style and make this year's Christmas the most beautiful ever.

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hyacinth in pot

Moss and scented candles

At Christmas there is often a lot of good eating and a lot of sitting still. Take the opportunity to go out into nature and take part in everything that is offered there, you can find peace during one of the most stressful times of the year. Look back to the simple, the raw and a little unpolished, here we can find new ways to use old materials. Nature is a dream for those who enjoy natural materials and realize the value of reusing. Thrill in cones, moss and other things that nature has to offer. Add a scented candle and some Christmas decorations to get a nice mix between old and new. With a small string of lights on the table or in the window, you get a super cozy atmosphere.


white poinsettias cones moss

Christmas treat with poinsettias

No glitter and no balls, just natural materials. Cones, green and white moss (window lichen) provide fine structure. Imagine an early December morning in the woods, dew in the air and crunch under your shoes. There you have the feeling we want to get at. Here you can read more about one of our most loved Christmas favourites.


hyacinth cones nuts

Hyacinths in a row

Hyacinths are one of our most loved Christmas flowers and are perfect as mood enhancers. Place them in old odd glass pots, drinking glasses or bowls, so that the bulbs and roots are visible. Then decorate with small cones or sticks. Simple and nice! Here you will find more tips on how to decorate with hyacinths.


silver tree with Christmas rose and Christmas balls

Effective mix

A simple decoration can be very effective. Silver fir, Christmas balls and Christmas rose flowers are all that is needed to create a beautiful still life.


Christmas table setting with white roses tree trunks

Mood with light

The flowers on the table do not have to be in vases. Here we have made a different setting where we used materials from nature and, the easiest way if you want to create atmosphere, added a thin string of lights.

Let your imagination set the mood!