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Halloween decoration with pumpkin and flowers

Soon it will be time for "trick or treat", witches on broomsticks and hollowed-out pumpkins with candles in them. We mean Halloween of course! Around this time it is popular to decorate pumpkins in different ways. We give you three tips on how to decorate with pumpkins and flowers for Halloween.

Decorate your Halloween pumpkin with flowers

a pumpkin, knife, spoon, and bowl are displayed on top of a table

To decorate your pumpkin you will need

To decorate your pumpkin with flowers, you need a sharp knife that can cut through the pumpkin, you need a spoon, a small glass vase that can fit inside the pumpkin you have chosen and most importantly - Flowers. Choose a bunch of fall flowers that match the pumpkin and feel Halloween-y.

a hand is using a knife to slice off the top stem of a pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin

Start by making a cut quite high up, near the top of the pumpkin. This is because the remainder of the pumpkin will become the basis of the arrangement where the small glass vase should preferably fit.

a hand is using a spoon to scoop out the seeds from inside of a pumpkin. the cut-off stem is lying to the right of the pumpkin

Dig out the pumpkin

To clean the pumpkin, the easiest way is to use a spoon to scoop out the contents. Feel free to wear an apron or non-sore clothes in case pumpkin juice splashes when you scoop out the contents.

a pumpkin is filled with an arrangement of various flowers and greenery and is sitting ontop of a table. At the side of the pumpkin are two more pumpkin sorts in white and green colors

Add the flowers

Yea-daa! Down with the glass vase, fill it with water and add your nice bouquet and you now have a beautiful Halloween pumpkin as a "vase". Super-simple and super-nice!

a clear, glass vase has been filled with various colored, small pumpkins, water, and greenry with a flower. the vase is standing in the middle of a kitchen, with the stove seen in the background

Bonus: Pumpkins in a vase

Decorate your glass vases with small pumpkins to make the bouquet or flower arrangement more Halloween-like. Perfect for setting the autumn table with flowers.

two medium sized, orange pumpkins stand together with two more pumpkin sorts in white and green colors. the orange pumpkins are decorated with different sorts of flowers and twine

Decorate your Halloween pumpkins with flowers. Let the imagination flow.