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Wedding hairstyle with flowers

A wave of sun-bleached hair with flowers - it could hardly be more romantic. But whether you choose a soft braid or a tight knot, the flowers can be what completes the set.

three bridesmaids with bouquet in pink apricot color. Flowers in the hair for the wedding day

She has flowers in her hair

Are you in the middle of the cut when it comes to hairstyles for the big day? The most important thing is that you choose a hairstyle you feel comfortable in and that feels like you. Do you usually wear your hair up? Or do you enjoy it best in having it resolved? Let this guide you when choosing your wedding hairstyle.

When it comes to choosing flowers, there are several options. Picking up something from the bridal bouquet is of course nice, but you can also choose a completely different flower that matches the color of your bouquet. And if you choose to have your hair up, it can be really nice to have a large flower as the only decoration.