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Blooming inspiration for weddings

Here you will find all the inspiration you need for flowers for weddings

Wedding flowers

What flowers can you as a bride or bridesmaid wear in your hair, or what kind of flower should you wear as a pin flower? Here you will find all the information you need for how to think about flowers relating to marigold bouquet, hair flower and pin flower.

Wedding days

Are we celebrating a silver wedding or a golden wedding? It can be difficult to keep track of what each year of marriage means. Here we list all years of marriage and what is celebrated in that particular year. Psst.. don't forget to send flowers to the couple celebrating a memorable wedding day.

Wedding hairstyles

Are you getting married this year? or maybe be a maid of honor at your sister's wedding? We give some tips on how to style your hair for the wedding and spice it up with beautiful flowers that make it extra nice.

Bridal bouquet in color

Which color should you choose for your bridal bouquet? You can of course choose any color you want that fits the theme of the wedding. We have a list of colors and their meaning for the bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquet theme

What is the theme of the wedding? and what theme should be considered when choosing flowers for the wedding or for the bridal bouquet? We list our best tips on how to think about the theme of the bridal bouquet for the big day.