Gift card - The ideal gift

Giving away gift cards is a smart choice for many reasons – easy for the one who wants to give and be appreciated by the recipient who can choose a gift of their own personal taste.

Why gift cards are such a good gift!
• The recipient can choose what and when to buy.
• Do you want to compensate a customer? Thank a supplier? Then gift cards are perfect.
• The cards can be used in all Euroflorist-linked stores throughout Scandinavia and at,,
• There are many denominations to choose from, from 25 kr to 300 kr.
• The gift cards are nicely designed and made of 100% recyclable birch wood - a good environmental choice.
• You can easily order via mail or phone.

Ready to order your gift cards?
If you would like to order by phone, please call 040-602 00 16. Or send an email to with the following information:
• Customer number
• Company name and invoice address
• Organization number
• Mail address
• Delivery address
• Number of cards and denominations